Nick Calabro’s May 2018 Monthly Goals Report

Nick Calabro’s May 2018 Monthly Goals Report

What gets measured gets improved.

Setting and accomplishing goals is what separates productive people from those that just go through the motions. Of course, you’ll want to set SMART goals.

Since we’re merely getting started and I’ve yet to draw up concrete annual goals, this first report might seem quite basic. It’s my hope to improve upon this and get the ball rolling with this initial post, however.

I also trust that there’s something to take away from this by all of you. Whether you’re trying to improve your business or personal life, these goals and habits are what I’m attempting to attain to grow all facets of my life.

I’ve also split my goals up into segments that comprise of my main business, Calaboration, and my personal goals.

My Monthly Goals Breakdown

  1. I will easily create two new online business courses that can help thousands of people change their lives by December 31, 2018.

    GOAL: 2
    RESULT: n/a
    PROGRESS: n/a

    This goal has been in the works on-and-off for the last few months. I hope to get a course on starting a digital agency up very soon. Subscribe to my newsletter to hear about the progress.

  2. I will easily continue development and launch the final version of by December 31, 2018.

    GOAL: 1
    RESULT: n/a
    PROGRESS: On Track

    This goal is being worked on at least a few times per week as we storyboard and template new additions to the site ultimately getting closer to the final form.

  3. I will easily publish 20+ videos on the Nick Calabro YouTube channel.

    GOAL: 20+ per month
    RESULT: n/a
    PROGRESS: On Track

    Publishing one video per weekday is keeping this goal on track perfectly. I find video to be the most natural form for me; so, the only part that is challenging is editing and navigating the technical YouTube nuances.

  4. I will easily publish 100+ blog posts on

    GOAL: 100+
    RESULT: 4
    PROGRESS: Behind Schedule

    The blog took a dramatic backseat once 2018 commenced. YouTube was given priority and although I planned on every video getting its own blog post, that was unrealistic since the process for a video was five minutes whereas the process for a blog was over an hour.

    Deciding that only a couple worthy topics per week will make the cut to a blog post will help this process. We’ll have to go double-time for a bit to get back on track but it’s manageable.

Health and Fitness Goals

  1. I will easily adhere to a 7.5 hour per night sleep schedule.

    GOAL: 30
    RESULT: 20
    PROGRESS: Behind

    This is something fairly difficult to figure out that might still be in testing phases. I’ve been tracking my sleep for years and have yet to figure out the optimal scheduled and duration for my body. Right now, I’ve been sticking to a five-cycle per day schedule that seems to be working well.

    It’s more sleep than I wish I needed, but there’s no use in being tired throughout the time you’re working.

  2. I will easily run at least one mile every morning.

    GOAL: 30
    RESULT: 20
    PROGRESS: Behind

    The workout routine has been a mess for a long time. Learning what works best for you is crucial in this department and attempting to fit anyone else’s mold will only frustrate you. The easiest thing for me to manage for certain is merely taking a 10-minute run. The health is a large department I have to improve.

  3. I will easily intermittently fast every day.

    GOAL: 30
    RESULT: 25
    PROGRESS: Slightly Behind

    I feel like I’ve been intermittently fasting most of my life by skipping meals, having only dinner, or just having such a terribly crafted schedule my eating time fit within the proper period.

    I use Kevin Rose’s Zero app to track my 16-hour fasting. For me, this is less about losing weight — although that has been a result — and more about the energy I need throughout the day. This also has to do with diet, but simply not eating until mid-afternoon ensures my mornings are very productive.

Mind & Emotional Goals:

  1. I will easily mediate every day.

    GOAL: 30
    RESULT: 25
    PROGRESS: Behind

    As part of the morning routine, mediation has proven to be valuable for me. I have been toying with the idea of doing this in the afternoon — actually, moving the entire morning routine to the afternoon — but haven’t begun implementation on that just yet.

    My meditation sessions are only about 10 minutes long and take place after the run, shower, and is the final step in my one-hour morning routine.

  2. I will easily read at least 20 books to continue mastering every area of my life by December 31, 2018

    GOAL: 20
    RESULT: 5
    PROGRESS: On Schedule

    I’ve read more than five books so far in 2018, but I don’t count them all.

Calaboration, LLC

  1. We will easily acquire one new high-ticket client each month.

    GOAL: 12
    RESULT: 3
    PROGRESS: Behind

    Calaboration is going through a bit of a reset recently. With some one-off work we’ve done in the last month, things slowed down drastically. On top of that, firing two clients in the last month has proven a very worthy move — the few clients we’ve picked up this year have been the highest-ticket yet and generating wonderful business.

  2. We will easily continue to expand our horizons and dive into 5 new niches by the end of the year.

    GOAL: 5
    RESULT: 3
    PROGRESS: Very Ahead

    Calaboration currently specializes in real estate — this is what we started with and it’s currently our most profitable area of focus. Recently, getting more into some public policy, PR, and political campaign work, we’re going to — not shift, but — concentrate on these fields heavily for the duration of the year.

That’s the first goal report. I look forward to any feedback, criticism, anger, or motivation this might’ve stirred up in you. I hope to refine some of the goals, get a clearer picture of what I need to accomplish, and better track all of this very soon.

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