Real Estate Video — Are You Doing It?

Real Estate Video — Are You Doing It?

Have you tried video? Instagram, Twitter, especially Facebook & Youtube, and now even LinkedIn allow and encourage video. All these social media platforms give you more exposure if you have some sort of video attached to your post. You’ll get more views, more engagement, and ultimately more business with real estate video.

A one-minute-long video is worth more words than you can ever speak within that timeframe and especially more than you can ever read or write in that timeframe. The video portrays your tone, attitude, style, environment, personality, intelligence, and so much more. Anyone can use a thesaurus and fake being an intellectual on paper and on their blog, but once you get in front of the camera you’re truly showing who you are, what you stand for, and how you’ll perform once someone works with you.

This is especially obvious in real estate. It’s why getting dressed up, displaying faces on front lawns, and having great sales skills are essential to success. It’s a completely personal experience from beginning to end. Buyers must feel comfortable with their realtor and they’ll sometimes choose based on that facet alone.

This is exactly why the social proof of referrals work so well. Once somebody works with you and understands your charm, they’re likely to tell more people about you and the outstanding work you did for them. Half this battle can be fought without that other person who’s doing the referring and you can essentially refer yourself using your video content.

The steps taken from someone who’s about to become a homebuyer usually involves some listing-aggregation site like Zillow. They’ll express their interest and become a boiling hot, valuable lead. You have the ability to de-digitize that process and be in front of them enough so that they come to you instead. Don’t allow anyone willing to buy a home the opportunity to see another realtor. By being in front of them right away, showing your personality, building a rapport through video, you’ll be on their mind immediately and when they eventually want to buy. Be sure buyers experience no purely digital steps in the process of buying their first home by always being there in persona or virtually through video.

I’m not good in front of the camera

Absurd! Talk to the camera, sell the house, and sell yourself the same exact way you would if the homebuyers were directly in front of you. If you’re confident you’d close the sale once they’re with you, you’re only giving them a sneak preview of how great it’ll be working with you and they’ll be much more willing to contact you after they trust you from viewing your video.

I don’t have time for another social media channel

We’re not suggesting you create a professionally maintained YouTube channel. What we are suggesting is that there’re many mediums of communication, building trust, and growing awareness that are underutilized and must be taken advantage of in the age of social media where everyone is competing for attention.

The great thing about video is that you can make it somewhat evergreen. Unlike tweets and Facebook ads that become stale later that day, a video on YouTube or Vimeo can be linked to, embedded, and reused.

OK great, so how do I get views?

If you’re going to film some intro videos or actively maintain some sort of vlog, you’ll need to get this in front of people who are going to do business with you. Fortunately, there are many ways to build awareness and ultimately get as much out of this new form of communication as you wish and are willing to spend.

Neither YouTube nor Vimeo will give you much traffic. YouTube favors creators who are consistently pushing out content and consider their channels more like TV shows whereas Vimeo has an entirely different model altogether. That leaves us with social media and your website.

Your website should contain your video on the homepage and be ready to start playing as soon as someone visits1. Depending on the site your firm may provide, this could be as simple as copy/pasting the code or something much more involved. We suggest having your own website anyway for many reasons that we’ve discussed in other posts — some of them being that you own the website, can customize it at your leisure, aren’t at the mercy of the laws of your firm, and many more.

Your website is the main hub of all your information, contact forms, and listings anyway, so adding a section to house your video content is easy enough. Since your custom website is the heart of your funnel as well, it’ll be certain to get more attention than if it was only being publicized through business cards at networking events. Along with owning your space and customizing it to your liking, the ability to include things like landing pages and tracking codes will tremendously improve your ability to convert and get more leads.

Social media will also play a large role in your video content and can even be the main deliverer of it. There are two facets to showing video content on social media: paid and organic. If you have an existing Twitter and LinkedIn following and network, posting your intro is going to get some hits right away — but these people already know you. You may have plenty of potential clients in your network, but there’s always room for expansion.

Social media marketing is going to be the biggest driver of your video content. One paid ad on Facebook or Instagram that displays your enthusiastic and distinguished professionalism will guarantee the building of views, trust, and leads — in that order. Although strategies can differ based on your clientele, area, and more, the main idea remains the same and that is to be in front of people who are likely to move before they enter a system that will charge you astronomically for the lead.

Between video and advertising on the right channels and to the right people, your business is guaranteed to succeed and collect more leads than any other method. We’ve seen incredible results using different methods, trying different strategies, and meticulosity targeting the right people to display the videos to. Once an introduction video is shown to someone who’s somewhat looking for a realtor, the barrier is already broken for when they absolutely need a realtor and you’ll be the first person they reach out to.

Although the idea of adding video to your collection of tools to get leads, listings, and sales isn’t anything new, the idea of marketing these videos, no matter how basic, on social media platforms is vastly and sadly underutilized. The people who are buying homes want and need to meet you — be where they are and make the introduction directly in their news feed.

  1. Note: We’re not suggesting your video should start playing as soon as your page loads — just that is should be ready to start playing. ↩︎

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